Marking machine

Marking Machine

Model B200 series
HOTMARKER(Trademark of CTK Corporation in Japan) B200 series is a compact hot stamping machine for resin materials. B200 series will provide you with identifications solutions for a variety of applications. Most suitable for variable markings in a small lot, on wires, optical fiber cables and other various wire materials, as well as plastic molded parts such as connectors, switches, etc. Based on particular types of materials and production volumes with specific requirements, we are pleased to give our advices and recommendations.
Compact hot stamping machine for a variety of resin materials
Electric wires, Optic fibers
Electric wires, Optic fibers
Cable ties
Cable ties
Control cables
Control cables
Molded parts
Molded parts
Sheet materials
Sheet materials
공기압 방식 풋킹 이용
Pneumatic controlled
공기압 방식 핸드 (적색버튼) 이용
Manually operated
Pneumatic controlled
1. Model B200P
  • - Pneumatic controlled
  • - Legible markings are obtainable constantly
  • - Suitable for large volume markings
2. Model B200M
  • - Manually operated
  • - Easy operation -- just press down the handle
  • - Suitable for small lot markings
키보드 설치 방식
써머헤드 1단 작동시
SP2000으로 마킹한 튜브
컴퓨터에 SP2000기기 연결해서 설치

This is an automatic marking machine equipped with a thermal print head. It can print characters on PVC tubes and heat shrink tubes, as well as Marker Labels and terminal I.D. boards.

• Applicable to large diameter tubes
Marking tubes of large diameter becomes possible with SP2000.
  • - Tubes of O.D. 2.0mm through 28.0mm (or flatly folded width up to 45.0mm).
  • - Marker Labels
  • - Terminal ID boards
• Fully operable from PC through USB interface
Bundled software "CTKPCMS for Windows" and USB port enable efficient operation of SP2000.
Windows TrueType fonts can be utilized for printing your local language, electrical symbols, etc.
• Designed to allow operation without PC
By using an optional keyboard, SP2000 is also operable independently of a PC.
Menu on LCD display is easy-to-follow for anyone.

Marking Machine

HOTMARKER Automatic Marking Machine Model SP2300
This is a modestly-priced, barebones model of SP-series HOTMARKER for PVC & heat shrink tubes (Max. I.D. 19.0mm), Marker Labels & terminal ID boards.
It is NOT CE marked for supply to outside of EU area.
Consumables and Options
Consumables and Options
of Article
Stock Part Number Main Application
foil tape
S611-20-200 (Black) PVC tubes
S625-20-200 (White)
S619-20-200 (Black) Polyolefin Heat
Shrink tubes
S629-20-100 (White)
Consumables and Options
Name of Article Stock Part Number
Cutter Blade W-1 (10 pcs. / pack)
Cutter Rest Mat 712-030 (2 pcs./set x 5 sets)

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