NDT Probe Cable Assembly

NDT Probe Cable Assembly NDT Probe Cable Assembly

NDT(Non-destructive Testing) Probe
  • 1. Non-destructive test is a simple fault detection method to inspect objects without destroying the existence and investigate its integrity, performance, the status of fault, tests on equipment to transmit and receive signals through probe.
  • 2. Electrical signals are sent to the data communication lines by concentric inner and outer conductors. Electrical signals can be transmitted from the low frequency of DC to the high frequency of dozens of MHz.
  • 3. Excellent flexural bending characteristic can make a flexible internal structure.
  • 4. Capable of manufacturing with customized design and requirements.
Components (Raw materials)
  • Micro Coaxial Cable : AWG36~47, 50pF/m~110pF/m
  • ITT Cannon QLC(Quad Lock Connector), TC ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) Connector, Mini Connector
  • Housing, Handle Case, Board, PWB(Printed Wiring Board)

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